Spiral Staircases Paisley

Spiral staircases – the right choice for your home or business?

Staircases within our homes and businesses perform a primary function – they enable us, our children and pets to move safely between different levels of our home or property. Just because it is functional and essential, does not mean that a staircase has been boring or traditional.

Spiral staircases within Paisley properties, both domestic and commercial, add an air of sophistication and a certain amount of wow! factor. What was once a dull space can now be transformed with a well designed and built spiral staircase.

Not a modern invention

Although we may associate spiral staircases with modern-day living, in fact spiral staircases have been around for centuries; just visit a castle from any bygone era and you will see the stone spiral stairs that allow movement up and down towers. Today’s spiral staircases are simply a modern take on a centuries old design.


Spiral staircases can be constructed using a variety of materials, as many Paisley customers have been surprised to learn:

Wooden spiral stairs are a popular choice and can be as minimalist or as decorative as you like. There are some amazing examples around in both homes and commercial settings that have unique and sweeping spiral stairs.

Metal spiral staircases are also popular as they can add different tones and texture to a room. Many people think of the black, wrought iron staircases with decorative treads but there are also now contemporary, minimalist designs that mix a variety of materials, including wood and stainless steel.

Glass spiral staircases add a stunning affect to any room, although they can be the most expensive option. There are a growing number of architecturally designed, almost free-standing glass staircases in evidence across the globe.

But, is a spiral staircase the right choice for you?

There are pros and cons to spiral stairs; there are various articles, forums and blogs that suggest a spiral staircase can be a ‘deal breaker’ when it comes to selling a property but with thought a spiral staircase could provide you with a perfect solution:

Access is somewhat restricted with a spiral staircase, and they are not so easy to run up and down like a straight, traditional style of stairs. Children, the infirm and pets can find them difficult.

However, if you have a tight space, such as gaining permanent access to a loft conversion that spiral staircases, not matter what material they are made from, can fit neatly into a small space.

Getting large items up and down the spiral stairs can also present some difficulties as access if again restricted, so if it is your main staircase this is a consideration for the future.

Finally, however, spiral stairs can offer a superb fixture that allows light to flood between levels, as well as the room in which it is located.

There is no doubt that for Paisley customers thinking of purchasing a spiral staircase, that there are important considerations but with the right design and the materials, it can be a great addition to any home or business.