Spiral Staircases Kirkcaldy

Spiral staircases: the ultimate in customised design

Staircases are one of those design features within our Kirkcaldy homes and properties that we cannot really assign to a great designer in history, unlike other essential items we find in homes across the country.

The tin can, for example was invented in 1810 but the essential can opener was not invented until 1858. So, who invented the staircase?

Type that question into a search engine and the top answer is: don’t know.

Stairs and staircases have been around for a very, very long time. There are photographs of stairs cut into steep hillsides which archaeologists believe have been there for centuries; we see spiral staircases in many castles too, built not only to get from one floor to another but also as a defensive tool.

We cannot name the person who thought staircases were a good idea as this information is lost in the midst of time - but they probably never made any money from their invention.

The other thing about staircases is that we don’t replace or buy new ones very often for our Kirkcaldy homes. Not only do you need to decide on material and size, you also have the exciting option of shape.

Possibly one of the oldest ‘shape’ of stairs is the wonderfully curvaceous spiral staircase.

Are you short on space?

There is no doubt that the greatest advantage of a spiral staircase in your Kirkcaldy home is the fact that this shape takes up far less room than the straight, curved or L-shaped staircase. They can fit neatly and unobtrusively in the corner of a room.

Or... they can be a masterful centre piece of your Kirkcaldy property. People love the look of a spiral staircase. They look opulent, yet slightly mysterious. They seem dainty, yet surprisingly robust. They are also a tactile shape for a staircase; observe people as they take the spiral staircase up or down to the next level. They will rest their hand lightly on the rail, letting it glide along as they ascend or descend.

“But we have children!” we hear you cry, “and pets!”

Surely children and pets can’t or won’t entertain a spiral staircase in the Kirkcaldy home? Children and pets can cope with the spiral nature of a staircase; they are functional for a wide variety of people and pets.

You are probably still thinking of poky little spiral staircases. No longer is this the case. Spiral staircases can now be built to your exacting requirements; they are no longer small, awkward flights on stairs to the attic room. Many Kirkcaldy homeowners are increasingly opting for spiral staircases as their main means of getting from one floor to another.

And so, before you automatically opt for the straight ‘up-and-down’ staircase, take a fresh look at spiral staircases. We think you’ll be surprised at the range or designs and materials you can use to create the ultimate spiral staircase for your Kirkcaldy property.