Spiral Staircases Kilmarnock

So Many Choices with Spiral Staircases Kilmarnock

The days are gone, Kilmarnock property owners and renovators, when you only had a limited choice of staircase design and style – straight, traditional and usually, wooden.

No longer is this the case! There is a whole range of new, modern materials that people are choosing to use in staircase construction and not only this, but design has changed too. 

You only need to look at the latest series of various TV programmes that follow people are they renovate and build; examples of amazing staircases have been concrete treads, floating out of the wall or the more elaborately designed glass staircases, seemingly suspended in mid air.

Spiral staircases are also becoming increasingly popular for many reasons – the fit smaller spaces, they fit smaller budgets too but can still be unique with the range of materials chosen by YOU.


Spiral staircases are so versatile and flexible when it comes to styling and design that they are a delight to work with! Clearly, the finished article is the product of your own personal choice. This will, in most cases, be influenced by the surroundings in which spiral staircases sit. An older property might dictate a certain style or material to be used, where as a Kilmarnock property that has the hint of modernity about it, will require a completely different style, design and material to be used. And the great thing about spiral staircase, they can fit anywhere.


As has just been hinted at, spiral staircases (especially bespoke ones) can be made-to-measure; they can fit into smaller spaces – which is why they are such a favoured staircase in smaller Kilmarnock properties – but they can also expand, if you like, becoming a feature within the interior of the property. Well-designed spiral staircases, made from high quality materials will not become a ‘monster’ feature but more a statement of design and style, as well as a testament to your design ‘vision’.


The choice seems almost endless! Each material will have its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to its inclusion into s spiral staircase construction but, needless to say, with an expert, specialist company like Continental Stairs on the job, you will be able to make the right decision for you, with confidence. Wood works well, metal works brilliant, glass if great and a combination of various materials can also give you the look and the spiral staircase you want and need for your Kilmarnock property.

Do you think spiral staircases could work in your Kilmarnock property?