Spiral Staircases Greenock

Spiral staircases – 5 Things You Need To Know!

Every Greenock home (and some businesses too) need a decent staircase to move swiftly, easily and safely between different the different floors and levels within the building. In most cases, staircases follow traditional design style; straight up and down, maybe with the odd turn but really is about it.

But, are you looking for something different in terms of design? Have you considered the elegance spiral staircases could bring to your Greenock property?

There are 5 things you need to know... BEFORE you order your staircase:

#1 – Material

Spiral staircases can be constructed from all types of different materials – glass, metal, wood or a variety. Whilst you may like the look of glass treads and wire balustrades, does it match the style of your home and your budget? If you have an older style Greenock property, a traditional looking mix of wood and wrought metal spiral staircase might be the one that is needed.

#2 – Placement

Now, depending on your property there are two places you can put your spiral staircase – inside or out. Outside spiral stairs are common as they take up a lot less room whilst still performing an essential function. Likewise, many Greenock homeowners are looking to replace or buy a new spiral staircase for the interior of their home. Whether you are building it in or out, will also have a knock on effect on what material you used (certainly the finish and any treatments needed).

#3 – Style

The design of the spiral staircase is simple; there is one central supporting column, around which the treads and railing ascend and descend. The style is something that is down to you. For example, there are some lovely example of wrought iron staircases, in which the tread design match the railings etc. or, if you want a more modern, minimalist look, light wood such as beech, coupled with aluminium can create a spectacular finish. The choice is yours!

#4 – Construction

It is possible to buy ‘flat pack’ spiral staircases for construction in your Greenock property. If the product fits and you are confident in the skills required, then that is all well and good. However, don’t forget there are some basic health & safety features that need adhering too, as well as some building regulations too. Rather than fall foul of these, it is probably a wide move of both time and money to look seriously at getting a specialist staircase firm involved right from the start...

#5 - Budget

All staircases can be the most expensive piece of interior, fixed furniture you could invest in. But, on the other hands, spiral staircases are an investment and correctly built and installed can last a very long time.

Are you thinking a spiral staircase might suit your property?