Spiral Staircases Glenrothes

How spiral staircases are created…

Spiral staircases in and Glenrothes properties, as well as across Scotland and the UK, are becoming an increasingly popular option. Homeowners are realising that during renovations or new builds, that staircase do not have be dull and boring, just to be functional.

You can have fun when designing your perfect staircase and so, it is no surprise that people opt for the smooth curves and gentle twisting that make spiral staircases so perfect for so many Glenrothes home...

But, before we get lost in the romance of it all, how are spiral staircases put together? Are they safe?

WARNING – if you seriously considering replacing your stairs with a spiral design, not only will you need to bear in mind it must meet building regulations, it is always the safest option to get your stairs, designed, measured and installed by a professional company.

Step 1: Measurements

This is possibly the most important step – get the measurements wrong, even by a fraction of a millimetre could mean your staircase will not fit, being either too small or too large.

You will need to decide on the location of the staircase and this space will need to be objectively examined – is there enough space for the ‘rotation’ of the spiral staircase, for example? If the stairs will fit in this sense, then various measurements are then taken, including the overall height of the staircase etc.

Step 2: Design

You will not get away with drawing a rough diagram on a scrappy piece of paper when it comes to spiral staircases!

Most professional bespoke stair companies will use a variety of software to check – and double check – measurements and ‘fit’. This also allows a computer version to be created so that the customer – YOU! – can have an idea of how your chosen spiral staircase will look.

Step 3: Installation

Again, not a job for the faint-hearted or those with no patience as to get the curves, the twist and spiral correct, it takes the application of some mathematical principles, as well as some know how about how to build this type of structure.

But, the final effect will be amazing!

Step 4: Enjoy!

Admire and enjoy the final product, safe in the knowledge that spiral staircases designed and built by Continental Stairs are some of the best in the UK...