Spiral Staircases Glasgow

Add a touch of glamour to your home – chose a spiral staircase!

Spiral staircases add glamour to any home or business premises. They make a fantastic feature, especially if you are renovating or building a new home. Staircases are essential and functional pieces of ‘furniture’ within any home; they provide the path between one floor level to another level.

Just because staircases are functional, doesn’t mean that they have been boring or too straightforward!

If you are in the position to re-model or replace your staircase, then read on as to how spiral staircases will be advantageous to Glasgow customers:

  • Will your spiral staircase match your interior design theme?

An important consideration is whether a spiral staircase will suit your home or business premises. You may have always wanted a spiral staircase, but it doesn’t suit your home then it will look largely out of place. However, the good news is that the vast array and combination of materials that can be used to create spiral staircases mean that many Glasgow customers find that it suits their surroundings perfectly!

  • How much ‘space’ do you have?

 Spiral staircases take up far less space than other staircase designs and they also create space, by taking up very little square feet in any home or business. However, it is worth remembering that, from a technical specification point of view, the less space you have to build your spiral staircase, the steeper the climb. If you do have space to play with, so to speak, it is worth taking a little more space for a gentler spiral staircase climb.

  • Get the specialist to design and fit your spiral staircase

Spiral staircases can be bought as a kit and, if you have a standard staircase gap then this could be a sensible and ‘cheap’ option. However, as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Considering how often you can climb and descend you spiral staircase in a day, would you really trust a pre-cut kit? Probably not. Spiral staircases are more affordable than you think and if you are serious about making a statement with a spiral staircase, then engage the services of a specialist staircase company.

Continental Stairs have designed and built spiral staircases for Glasgow customers that are unique, special and functional – and at great prices too!

What about disadvantages?

  • Spiral staircases can be steep, mainly as a result of them taking up so little space
  • Motion disorientation is also common place for some customers, as the circular motion as you descend and ascend a such a staircase can unnerve some people
  • Make sure your spiral staircase meets building and safety regulations
  • Make sure you make the right statement – pre-cut spiral staircase kits do not always fit properly and can look out of place and cheap

Continental Stairs have the experience needed to create brilliant, unique and customised spiral staircases for customers in Glasgow and across Scotland. Call today for further information and a quotation: 01698 845628.