Spiral Staircases East Kilbride

Spiral staircase – is it just about the glamour?

Spiral staircases are not a new invention; Knights from centuries ago fought their way up and down perilous stone staircases in the round towers of castle. Spiral stairs have long been recognised as providing a valuable function in small spaces. But, modern design and technology have catapulted the spiral staircase from the dark ages into modern homes and businesses – as well as into East Kilbride properties of all styles, types and ages.

But are spiral staircases all about the glamour? Spiral staircases can add so much to a property. Consider this scenario:

Family C have decided to convert their loft into an additional living space to accommodate a growing family. However they are finding there are some difficulties with this, mainly access to the converted loft. In order to make it into the room they want and need it to be, as well as to satisfy planning regulations, they need a fixed staircase.

Floor space is tight and on investigation, the cost and steep sloping angle to a traditional straight staircase make it prohibitive. Thinking they would have to give up on the idea of a loft conversion, they were given the idea to look at a installing a spiral staircase.

There are a few pros and cons this family need to consider before making their final decision of whether to install a spiral staircase or not...



Small children, the infirm or elderly along with some pets such as dogs, find the open tread and spiralling nature of the staircase difficult to navigate

The children are teenagers and so this is not too much of an issue. The loft conversion is intended for the children/teenagers of the family as a separate living space or ‘hang out’ area.

Access for larger items can be difficult up and down spiral staircases

Larger items of furniture can be moved up into the loft prior to installation using scaffolding or ladders as access.

Limited floor space

Spiral staircases take up very little room and provide a great solution when space is at a premium

The family think the cost will be prohibitive and are looking to buy a ‘ready-made’ kit that requires assembly

The pre-cut kits need careful consideration as the maths and angles need to be correct. Investing in a spiral staircase for your east Kilbride property can get no better a start that to contact a specialist firm such as Continental Stairs. With vast experience, they can help you with all the smaller problems that need solutions and will design and install your staircase for you.

They think it will look too ‘industrial’ for their home which is an older style property

Spiral staircases can be built using a variety of materials from industrial looking metal designs, through to more decorative wooden designs. The staircases can also be a mix of materials – both wood and metal for example. Family A are only limited in the staircase design and material by imagination and cost!

Are spiral staircases just about the glamour? They add so much to a property; they do look glamorous and add certain panache to any room – who said that functional had to be boring?