Spiral Staircases Dunfermline

HOW do I buy a spiral staircase?

Not the most frequent of questions you will be asking at regular intervals during your lifetime but, if you are renovating a property or building one from scratch, you will at some point be looking to purchase a staircase.

I’ve seen a spiral staircase design. Where do I get it from?

We find that most people see spiral staircases design that they would like for their Dunfermline property. It would be great to be able to walk into a spiral staircase shop and buy one but there are additional factors that need taking into account. However, finding a specialist staircase company such as Continental Stairs is an advantage as they can design bespoke staircases that fit your Dunfermline property but also match the design you favour.

I have a limited budget...

Very few customers shopping for spiral staircases have an unlimited budget and again, there are ways and means of getting the stairs for your Dunfermline property you want. Spiral staircases are no exception. You can opt for fairly ‘standard’ design and materials for treads etc. but customise your staircase by adding extra detailing to handrails etc. This way you can get the spiral staircase of your design dreams!

I don’t have much space...

Spiral staircases are perfect for small spaces as they can fit in the ‘pokiest’ of spaces. In fact, this is the main selling feature, if you like, of spiral staircases. They can perform an essential function without taking over the whole room.

However, at the opposite end of the scale if you have the space and want to make interior design statement, then spiral staircases can also be designed and fitted to do just that! This is the beauty of spiral staircases!

What about materials?

Again, spiral staircases in Dunfermline properties can be made from wood or a variety of materials. Many customers opt for a minimalist design approach, using a mix of glass and aluminium. Other Dunfermline property owners have opted for an all wood spiral staircase, making a statement! Either way, the versatility of spiral staircases in terms of materials is just one advantage; they can also be built to any size needed too!

If you are looking to make a statement or would just like something different when it comes to your Dunfermline renovation or new build project, why not consider a bespoke spiral staircase design from Continental Stairs?