Spiral Staircases Ayr

Spiral staircase for your Ayr property – work out the pros and cons before you buy

There is no doubt that a spiral staircase can look stunning in any property but, many people still associate spiral staircases with the rickety, slightly ill-fitting pre-packed kits. Times have changed and technology has moved the design of spiral staircases on!

But there are pros and cons to installing spiral staircases in Perth properties and so you need to make sure that you make an informed choice – or you may end up with a semi-functional staircase that does not meet your needs...


  • Brilliant when space is at a premium hence many Ayr property owners select spiral staircases as a secondary set of stairs or as a staircase to a loft conversion.
  • Depending on the space available, you may need to opt for a steep incline or if you want a more accessible option from your spiral staircase then a more gradual climb would be needed.
  • Spiral staircases are also versatile options for any Ayr property when it comes to choices of materials; they can be constructed from wood, metal, glass or a mix of materials to suit your property and interior design.
  • Some pundits suggest that adding a second staircase to a property will add value and so opting for a spiral staircase may also be a longer term investment in your Ayr property.

However, there are a few cons...

  • Spiral staircases are steeper than ordinary, regular stairs which can pose difficulty for some people. Those with mobility problems or the elderly find the spiral nature of the stairs difficult to navigate. Some people with balance issues also find the circular movement unnerving.
  • Your spiral staircase MUST comply with building regulations and you may find in some areas that there are additional regulations that must be met if you intend on installing spiral staircases. But Ayr property owners have an advantage in that using a specialist stair design and installation company such as Continental Stairs will means that all these regulations are met (if not exceeded).
  • Pre-cut spiral staircase kits can look amateur and badly fitted; if a spiral staircase is to be the main route up and down levels in your Ayr property, then taking time and investing in a bespoke spiral staircase is the best way forward.

No matter what the interior design of your Ayr property, spiral staircases will suit all interior as they can be constructed from so many different materials and designed to suit any home.