Spiral Staircases Airdrie

From ‘poor relation’ to star of the show – the advantages of spiral staircases at your Airdrie home

Think spiral stairs are poky, hard to use cases only to be used for loft conversions? Think again…

Spiral staircases offer the modern home and the modern family so many advantages but, for many years they were seen as a poor relation within the staircase family. Poorly designed and installed spiral staircase kits within the home, were a poor imitation of the metal, clanking staircases found on the exterior of a building. Known for many years as the ‘escape’ or exit route, it took some clever re-designing, as well as the use of different materials to bring the shrinking violet into a beautiful, bespoke spiral staircase for your Airdrie home.

Adding beauty and glamour, our spiral staircases can be used as the main thoroughfare between one level and another; no need to hide away in the corner, used as a second set of stairs to access the loft…

  • Space saving – however, if space is a premium, then spiral staircases can be created and installed in such a way that they take up a lot less room, as well as being delightfully unobtrusive.
  • A design statement – if you want the wow factor or an interior design statement, then look no further. Spiral staircases within Airdrie properties of any shape, size and era can benefit from this style of stairs; they can only connect one level but several! One long central pillar or pole, and the treads can wind their way round and round, connecting the ground to the first floor, to the second and beyond!
  • Cheap? – it depends on how you look at this. Considering the weight and the use, as well as conforming to various building regulations, why would you scrimp of something as structurally important as a staircase? Kits are all well and good, provided the measurements are correct and it is installed correctly, but in all honesty their intended use might not be at the prime traffic route between one floor and another. Here at Continental Stairs, we have an amazing portfolio of bespoke spiral staircases we have created with other customers, including those at Airdrie premises that we believe you will be genuinely impressed.
  • The material of your choice – spiral staircases at Airdrie properties do not just have to be made from industrial iron, with fancy finials or even just from wood; they can be made from a combination of materials, encompassing a variety of style to suit all manner of interiors, from minimalist to decorative.

Thinking spiral staircases just might an option for you? We think they are! Available to order and with a range of designs and styles, we can create something to suit all budgets. Take a look…