Spiral Staircases Aberdeen

The Spiral Staircase – and amazing piece of internal architecture

Spiral staircases offer a fabulous combination of both functionality and style. As many spiral staircases Aberdeen customers will know that their unique look adds character and flair to any room – no matter what shape or size.

Spiral staircases are not just for domestic applications either; they are becoming increasingly popular in commercial settings too because they do add a unique form to a building but they are not as budget-busting as you may think; hence they are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Smaller space – no problem

Spiral staircases are a welcome in addition in home or office, but in spaces where there is a lack of space or the space available are irregular, then spiral staircases as the optimum solution. Whereas a traditional straight staircase in such a small space might make the gradient too steep, a spiral staircase would fit snugly in.

Take care!

Spiral staircases can be purchased as a flat pack which you can assembly and fit yourself. However, they can be a little on the small side and so if this is your main stairway access to the upper floor then you may find this is not the selling feature that you thought it was. Some people fit these as a second stairway in the property but in the case where the spiral staircase is the main access, then you are advised to seriously consider a bespoke designed and fitted staircase. These tend to be bigger and far sturdier.

Styles and materials

Spiral staircases come in a variety of styles and materials, as many domestic and commercial Dundee customers are aware. You can keep the style minimalistic or you can create with the help of Continental Stairs, a more ornate design with wood and metal being the most popular materials.

Are there any drawbacks with spiral staircases?

They are not the most child friendly stairs and neither are they very good stairs for people who either elderly or infirm. They tend to have a steeper climb than ordinary staircases. Spiral staircases also tend to have open stair treads which for some pets can also be difficult to navigate.

Clearly, if you need to move items up and down the staircase, it can be difficult when it is a spiral one.

Spiral staircases Aberdeen customers will also testify that these types of stairs are best placed in the corner of a room to that the flow of traffic is uninterrupted through the home.

There may be drawbacks to spiral staircases but these factors all need taking into account if you are thinking of investing in one. Continental Stairs are specialists in bespoke and custom spiral staircases in and around the Aberdeen area.