Glass Staircases Wishaw

A step too far?

Are glass staircases for your Wishaw property too much of an undertaking? Think it won’t suit your property… think again!

Planning a staircase is a major undertaking in any remodelling or building project but getting the right staircase, made from stunning glass, is a great way to add an extra element to your Wishaw home.

But what is involved?

Many an architect will tell you that despite being a major thoroughfare in the home, the staircase is the most overlooked component of any property refurbishment or new build project. But, if you are looking to create bespoke glass staircases for your Wishaw property, you need to ensure you have completed all the research first and that you know what you are taking on.

A structural challenge

The first thing with glass staircases for Wishaw properties is to understand the primary function of getting to and from another level is key, followed by how it will look and the design or shape it will take.

Replacing a staircase is a complex job and not one to be taken on by an inexperienced DIY-er. It is a skilled job that takes know-how and is said to be akin to knocking down a structural wall. Hence, making sure you have some with the knowledge of the complexities involved is important but if your current staircase is badly positioned, then investing in glass staircases for your Wishaw property and re-locating it to a new positions is worth considering.

Replacing or creating a new staircase is all about proportion, fitting in with your property both in terms of style and ‘fit’. A small room will be dwarfed by a huge staircase that seems out of proportion.

Building regulations are an important consideration too, which is why replacing or creating glass staircases for Wishaw properties is essential.

So what can you expect when replacing your current staircase?

  • We have already hinted that replacing staircases is a large undertaking, so you will need to be prepared for disruption within the home if you are still living there
  • Glass staircases for your Wishaw property, depending on the complexity and nature of the design, may take some days, even weeks to create in situ

And a final note on glass staircases… shape!

Many people think that there building regulation dictates to exact type of staircase that they can have at their property but this is not always the case. The shape of the staircase can, on occasion, help you have the staircase that adds an extra note of style.

Glass staircases for your Wishaw project can be teamed with a combination of different materials, from wooden treads and glass balustrades to glass treads, seemingly floating out of the wall.