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Choosing a new staircase? Have you considered glass as the material for the stairs in your Sheffield home (or business)?

Undeniably a fixture, the staircase in your home is not something that we intend removing and renovating at any time, and yet, it seems that as a nation of homeowners, we are becoming more ambitious in our re-modelling of our homes.

For those in the great position of building a new property, then the staircase is one area that you can use to make an interior design statement. But, what do you need to consider when it comes to creating the most perfect glass staircases for Sheffield properties? We have the answers…

Space (loads or lack of)

We are not all blessed with a gargantuan hallway, with acres of space for a sweeping glass staircase; you really must be realistic about the amount of space you have to work with.

Of course, we needn’t tell you how fabulous glass is for bouncing light around and making the smallest space seem far bigger than what it is. In fact, as a material, this is one of the best to use, regardless of how big or little space you have to work with.

The interior design ‘scheme’

Blessed with the need to install a new staircase either in a current property or a new build, means that you will have a delightful interior design scheme to either create or follow. Glass staircases in Sheffield properties look simple ‘wow!’ there are very few other words to describe them.

You don’t have to opt for all glass either; glass mixes well with all kinds of materials from woods – light or dark – as well as metal too. You can also opt for the full, traditional styled staircase or you can opt for the ultra-modern cantilevered glass treads, floating on the wall.

Regardless of what ‘look’ you are going for, glass staircases really do ‘fit’ within any Sheffield property.


This is the tough bit. Staircases – bespoke or otherwise – are rarely cheap. This is because they are structurally incredibly important and, if you want this important piece of functional architecture to be simply fabulous, then investing in your stairs is the way forward.

But, not many people have a bottomless pit. Glass staircases for Sheffield properties are becoming more attainable, on a budget simply because as pointed out before, glass is a great material to mix and match with others.

You may want those glass cantilevered stairs or you may have something more ‘modest’ in mind; either way, using glass as the main material will bring more glamour that you could every possibly imagine to the interior of your Sheffield property.

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