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Continental Stairs provides a Glass Staircase supply and install service to the Newcastle area.

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Contemporary design and material that really does suit any property…

The modern staircase no longer has to be a ‘boring’, yet functional design; interior designers, architects and their customers are now realising that staircases can be interior works of art. They can be a contemporary nod to the past, present and future with one of the most versatile materials of the modern day making the most stunning glass staircases for Newcastle properties.

Ugly duckling to a gracious swan

Centuries ago, homes and businesses were normally on one level – the ground. Only a few gentry had homes or castles that were spread over 2 floors, and when they were, the ‘stairs’ may have consisted of rickety old ladders…

It was until we began to understand the power of design, as well as advances in technology and materials that stairs the beautiful interior pieces of art that they are today. Glass staircases for Newcastle properties can be curved, straight, cantilevered, spiral or suspended. The materials from which the modern day customers has to choose from are now fast, from the solidness of wood, the mixes of steel, aluminium and, of course, the sparkling beauty of glass.

With cutting edge design and clever engineering, it seems that the range of materials and design features of glass staircases for your Newcastle property are infinite, a never-ending treasure trove of beauty and practicality.

Staircases – becoming the priority

At one time, the staircase was not thought of deeply; no customer waxed lyrical about the steps that would transport them up or down from one level to another.

How times have changed! Architects and designers now make the staircase the priority of many a design, simply because, if nothing else, creating a stunning feature out of something that must be there in order for the house or business to function, is a great way of showing care, passion and creativity. In previous renovations or new builds, the bulk of the budget has gone on luxurious bathrooms and kitchens, as well as alternative source of energy but now, in the 21st century, people are realising that the stairs are rarely replaced once built.

Take care though. Embarking on the design and installation of glass staircases at your Newcastle home or business should not be taken lightly. Not only the cost implications, but also building regulations and planning permissions etc., all mean that your staircase needs to be fit for purpose.

Design sleek, modern glass staircases for Newcastle properties is something we do on a regular basis – discover by calling us today how we can work with you to create a bespoke staircase of your dreams.

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