Glass Staircases Middlesbrough

Continental Stairs provides a Glass Staircase supply and install service to the Middlesbrough area.

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Show-stopper glass staircases! Perfect for ALL Middlesbrough properties – homes and businesses!

Some people think that certain styles, materials or designs are only meant for some interior decors; from the sweeping curves of a spiral staircase in a grand mansion to the traditional straight wooden staircases found in three bedroomed semi-detached properties.

Cast off these shackles as they are artificial! Only your imagination – and probably your budget – prevents or hinders you in creating unique, bespoke design for your home. But, we understand that you may need some help and encouragement; after all, you may think that installing glass staircases in Middlesbrough family homes sheer folly. Surely it’s slippery and not suitable with small children or pets…?

But you can have a show-stopper glass staircase…

  • Desirability – no one can deny glass staircases in Middlesbrough property are desirability and delightful. There possibly is no other material in the world that is held in such awe, inviting people to touch, marvelling at both its strength and fragility. It could also add financial value to your home, as well as appeal
  • Modern, yet versatile – many people allow their creativity to be constrained by what they think they should have in their home; for example, wood is the traditional material for stairs but glass is something that is still relatively new to the domestic market. There are cases of industrial uses of glass staircases that have proved to be more than successful. Don’t think your property is not suitable; glass staircases are perfect for any Middlesbrough home or business.
  • Light play – all too often, our homes have dark spaces or corners and, try as we might, we never really open them up but glass has a brilliant touch; all allows light to play. Both natural and ambient light can be dazzled and bounced around a room just by the simple addition of glass, either as the main component of a new staircase or forming key parts.

But are there downsides?

Possibly, but it depends on your stance.

All materials for any project in the home will hold pros and cons, with glass staircases for Middlesbrough properties being no different.

Other materials may be more durable, more capable of withstanding some pressure than glass. It is, after all, a material that could shatter or chip, despite its thickness and chemical toughness. If you have major renovation work completed after you have installed your glass staircase, you will need to protect it.

Some people say that they find keeping it clean a ‘nuisance’ and yet other disagree; a quick wipe over with a cloth and glass treads are clean once again. Other glass components take little cleaning too but if you have small children, with sticky fingers the smears may drive you to distraction...

But, all that said, glass staircases offer so much to so many people; why subscribe to the ‘normality’ and acceptability of design- spread your wings and take a look at how beautiful, and within budget, glass staircases are for Middlesbrough properties.

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