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Revamp the interior of your home: take a look at glass staircases for your Manchester property

Our home – and business! – is the place we love more than anything; we invest time, energy and money to create the perfect place to live, work and play. We opt for items that we like, things that makes us comfortable as well as choosing some functional items that make a statement.

Staircases are one of those items that many of us rarely thing to change or build to our exact specifications. We watched, with a certain amount of envy it has to be said, the makeover TV shows, marvelling at the opulence of the amazing staircases; let’s be honest, there would be nothing more jaw dropping than glass staircases in Manchester homes and businesses.

Are glass staircases for Manchester homes and businesses a viable option?

Let us take a peek at a famous glass staircase; the Apple store in New York has a patented glass staircase that invites and entices customers up not just one level of its magnificent building, but two. It has never broken; no one has slipped or slid. It is still there, going strong for many, many years.

So yes, Manchester businesses could entice their customers, wow them in fact, with a brilliant glass set of stairs.

Manchester homes with glass staircases are a possibility too. The functionality of glass stairs is still there; all glass used in any component is safety glass. It is toughened too. Glass treads can be etched for extra purchase too, so no worries about slipping either.

The only factor which can compromise glass in stair construction – just like in any glass component – is that anything heavy dropped on it will chip it.

What about cost?

Many years ago, when glass was a new material for construction of stairs and the various components, glass staircases for Manchester customers would have cost a pretty penny.  It took a whole team of people to construct that stairs, from planning it to the technical drawings, to the sourcing on components to the construction of it.

You will be pleased to know that if glass stairs are your desired item of furniture for your home or business, cost has decreased. There are, of course, cheaper alternatives on offer.. if you so desire. But in terms of budget, ask us…

But safety…

If the Apple store back in the 1990s can build a two storey glass staircase that meets all current building regulations and fire safety laws, then we can do the same for you.

Glass treads can have patterns etched in them to make them less slippery; all glass used is tempered and treated to make it as strong as possible. Layers and layers of fine glass compressed together make an incredibly hard and robust material.

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