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Modern, stylish and elegant - glass staircases for London residences and businesses

If you are designing and creating your own bespoke staircase, there are many design options, ideas open to you, along with a number of materials to choose from. Creating and building your own staircase is not something that is done often and so you want to get it right.

One material that offers the consumer so many options when it comes to creating the most amazing stairs is glass but consider the questions below in your quest in creating beautiful stairs…

How much glass?

The beauty of bespoke glass staircases for London customers are the number of options open to your about how much glass you choose to use in your design.

Many customers, for example, opt to have the whole staircase made from glass, including the treads and balustrades etc.  Other customers create a beautiful mix of glass and other materials, including wood and metal. Again, adding much needed safety in some cases, mixing materials is a great way to get the functional stairs you need.

Full glass staircases for London properties add a certain wow! factor, something many customers look for and, whilst glass treads are robust and durable, the fragility of glass means they will not take the abuse of heels or heavy items being dropped on them. Consider if glass treads will still give you the wow! factor with a chip of a tread or two…

The green tint

All glass natural has a green tint and when layers of glass are compressed to make treads, the green tint obviously deepens and darkens in colour. Modern manufacturing techniques, such as frosting, helps to eliminate some of this colour but it is something that glass staircases London customers will need to be aware of.

Easy to keep clean!

The great thing about glass staircases for London homes and businesses, is how easy they are to keep clean BUT, if you have a pet hate for finger print smudges then you may find that glass is not the material for you. Even though smudges and streak can be more visible, they do not gather dust and dirt as easy as other materials. Hence, a quick wipe (no need to battle with the vacuum!) and they are clean.

Expensive… but with advantages

Many potential glass staircases London customers are unsure that investing in an all glass structure will give the return on investment they hope for. At one time, they were an incredibly expensive structure to create and build, more so if customers opted for more complex designs however, as the use of glass and the engineering involved has become more common place, the cost is decreasing slightly.

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