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Glass staircases in Leicester properties – are they really practical?

Glass staircases in Leicester properties looking stunning; a feast for the eye and the senses, walking between two different levels within a home or business has never been such as adventure. Who thought that walking up and down stairs could be such a pleasure?

However, we know there is one issue that customers ask us about time and time again – are glass staircases in Leicester properties practical? Are they really as robust, non-slip and as practical as people say they are…?

Durability vs fragility

On one hand, we all know how fragile in nature glass can be; dropping a drinking glass can see it chatter into a million pieces across the floor. The window that will not survive a football being kicked at it and yet, we are advocating using glass to put our full weight on ANF climb from one floor to another!

However, glass has amazing properties; layer it and treated it with a chemical and the fragile nature almost completely disappears. It becomes one of the more robust and durable materials known to man. Neither does it rot; neither does it become fatigue; it will stand the test of time…

BUT, drop a heavy object on it from a great height – so a heavy spanner, tumbling down to glass treads – may mean that it chips or cracks. Clearly, a damaged tread is a weakened one and will need replacing. Hence, if you are thinking of extensive renovations, fitting glass staircases in Leicester properties should be done after all the major heavy work has been completed.


Wouldn’t it be great if all cleaning routines were as easy as the one needed for glass staircases in Leicester properties? A simply wipe over, every now and then, is all they need.

Unlike other materials or carpeted stairs, they do not need to be hovered or brushed, neither do they need to be varnished or mopping. Just a wipe. Every now and then…

Visual appeal – beyond anything you can imagine

And so, glass staircases in Leicester properties are durable and easily cleaned but they are also ‘something else’; they are the piece of interior architecture that you – nor your guests – will ever tire looking at.

Glass treads cantilevered in walls; a traditional straight stairs case, made from glass or maybe a spiral glass staircase are all potential options for the homeowner. If you are worried about cost or think that a staircase made entirely from glass may not suit your property, then there are option – there is NO material that does not with glass.

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