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Continental Stairs provides a Glass Staircase supply and install service to the Leeds area.

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Glass staircases for your Leeds property – simply breath-taking!

Glass has a glow and radiance about it that no other material known to man has; shining like polished diamonds, glass treads and other stair components can simply elevate the process of climbing or descending the stairs into something special, each and every time. Functional does not mean boring. Not with glass staircases for your Leeds property.

A DIY job or not

There are some glass stair kits available but unless you have the right tools and skills, working with glass for a staircase can be difficult and time consuming. Glass stairs are an investment of your heard earned cash, so why not employ a professional company to design and install your stairs?

The glass

Some companies on their blogs and posts, will tell you not to choose your own glass! This is like telling a potential customer not to design their own stairs! They suggest you buy a kit instead… this may work for some.

Not all glass staircases have glass treads, but will have glass panels etc. through the design; you may also want to mix and match with aluminium or wood. The choice is entirely yours but if you are opting for glass treads, there are various manufacturers etc. out there who can complete these treads for you. Some will have a green tinge, a result of the process of toughening and tempering the glass for robust domestic use. The industry is working hard to try and remove this green tinge, without compromising on quality.

No room for error

Another reason why we think installing glass staircases at Leeds properties is a professional ‘job’ is the fact that there is little room for error. As tough and as robust as glass is when used in stair building, it is still fragile and likely to break or shatter if the installation is wrong. Its strength can be compromised and disaster strike – would you want to take that chance?

It’s all about support

Any staircase - but certainly a glass one! – has to be properly supported, from the ground up. The treads have to be supported too, the load spread evenly across the whole structure. The fixings need to be correct, the adhesives and any sealants used. Not only does it need to be safe and supported, it needs to look every inch the opulent interior design statement you want and need it to be!

The detail

Hence, the get the finish and the look you want, there needs to be close attention paid the smallest of details; lackadaisical in your DIY approach? Then this this job is not one for you.

Skipping a few steps and a ‘that’ll do’ attitude is not one that we bring to the job of installing glass staircases at Leeds properties; every installation needs to be spot on, finished to the highest standard.

Would you opt for glass staircases at your Leeds home or business?

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