Glass Staircases Falkirk

Considering a glass staircase for your Falkirk property?

What a brilliant choice! Perfect for construction in any property, glass is a material that offers so many options – you can make a grand, sweeping, opulent gesture with glass tread cantilevered from the wall, hanging gloriously in ‘space’ or, you can tone it down, mixing glass with beech and fine aluminium to create a statement piece that does no assault the eye.

Either way, glass staircases at Falkirk properties will let both the natural and artificial light of the room play and roam, lighting up the darkest of corners.

Imagine how difficult life would be without glass – plastic window panes? What would serve as a magnifying lens in glasses? Plastic tumblers are all well and good, don’t’ break when small hands drop them but they scratch and discolour…

The Egyptians are the first documented peoples to create and use glass, creating the most delicate and yet robust glass beads for decoration. They probably could not imagine, despite completing the amazing feat of building the pyramids, of using glass, such a brittle material for glass staircases!

Recycling a single glass bottle will power a 100 watt light bulb for an hour and with every UK household using around 330 glass bottles and jars a year, it is no wonder people cannot imagine living without glass.

But, there is something else about glass that makes it such a popular choice in so many aspects of life, not just glass staircases in Falkirk properties. It oozes, literally drips in quality. Making glass is an art, an alchemy of chemicals and technology; there is no ‘cut price’ glass. There is only one brand, no cheap substitutes. 

70% of UK consumers consider buying products encased in glass is to buy a quality product; jam in plastic jars does not do it! Possibly this is one of the reasons so many Falkirk customers look at glass staircases as product of not just beauty, but strength and longevity as well.

Such a colourful history to such a delightful product! But surely the most colourful aspect must be the term ‘codswallop’. Heard of it? Usually used in slightly defamatory terms, usually meaning something is rubbish. Many decades since, a chap with the Codd invented the ‘pop’ bottle. The cheap beer of the day was known as ‘wallop’ and so, as he plied his trade of beer in glass bottles, the term ‘codswallop’ was coined.

Why not take another look at glass staircases and how they could fit in your Falkirk property?