Glass Staircases East Kilbride

Glass staircases – popular but are they practical?

One result of the increase in popularity of makeover and building TV shows that have adorned our screens over recent years is the fact that homeowners are choosing different materials for various design aspects of their homes. This, coupled with the advances in technology and design capabilities, mean that there are even more choices open to discerning homeowner.
Replacing or choosing a new staircase is no different! With advances in technology, glass as a stair case material is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

But is it the right choice for your home?

There are still differences of opinion when it comes to deciding if a glass staircase is the right choice for East Kilbride properties – or any property for that matter.

Take the time to think and plan your glass staircase will give you some amazing benefits but, as a staircase material, glass might not be for everybody. Check the pros and cons BEFORE you make your final decision:

On the plus side…

There is no doubt that a glass staircase in your East Kilbride property will add the wow! factor. If you are looking to make a bold, yet minimalist statement then a glass staircase – or even glass components such as a glass balustrade will add a sense of luxury and opulence to your property.

Toughened glass which is used on all part of glass staircase components, is an incredibly hard and durable material.
Glass is known as a brittle material that with relative ease in some cases, will splinter, chip or shatter. However, a combination of treatments and technology mean that glass staircases are tough, withstanding large weights as well as heavy use.

But the biggest advantage to installing a glass staircase into your East Kilbride property is the ability of this amazing material to throw the light around; a small dark space will soon become a light one, as natural and artificial light is reflected around the space.

But on the other hand…

Glass is still one of the most expensive materials around from which to create your bespoke staircase but, in all honesty, you will not need to replace them for a very long time.

Even though it is one of the toughest materials known to man and despite several different technologies being applied to it, it can still chip; worst case scenario, it can still crack or break if anything heavy is dropped on it.

And finally, glass can be slippery and so check that it has a slightly etched surface to help with avoiding accidents.

Glass is a versatile material that may not be the obvious first choice when it comes to a staircase for your East Kilbride property; contact Continental Stairs for design ideas!