Glass Staircases Dunfermline

Glass staircases – versatile, functional and amazing!

Are you looking to invest in a new staircase at your renovated or new build project in or around Dunfermline?

If you are, then why not consider a glass staircase?

You will need to make sure that your staircase will fit the gap you have to construct it. Determining the right size is best done by someone who is skilled in this area of design. They will be able to look at the total rise needed from the glass staircase and from this the number of risers (steps) needed in the overall design.

To a certain extent, this is dictated by building regulations. The current regulations require minimum sizes of risers between 190mm and 220mm. Many customised glass staircases have risers of 200mm, making the overall calculations easier to determine.


Glass is a versatile material that can be used in most shaped design from straight runs to curved staircases. They can also be used in spiral staircases, and used with a mix of other materials.


Mixing other materials with glass means that you can create a whole new look to your glass staircase that fits with the interior decor of your Dunfermline home.

Wood is frequently used alongside glass such as forming part of the handrail system. Metal is also a common material where the ‘look’ required is minimalist or ‘industrial’. In fact, glass, wood and metal are three materials commonly used together to create a specific look for the interior of a Dunfermline property.


Clearly, no one has a bottomless budget in the current economic climate and so opting to spend a large portion of your renovation budget on a glass staircase might not seem a food idea! However, there are many people who have opted to invest in a glass staircase and have not regretted it. Glass staircases make an amazing impact in any Dunfermline property and if you looking for a statement piece within your home, then look no further than a glass staircase.

Glass staircases are within your reach; why not take a look at the gallery of Continental Stairs who have completed many bespoke staircase designs for customers across Scotland. Glass staircases in any Dunfermline property will add much needed light and dazzle your visitors!