Glass Staircases Dundee

Glass staircases – need inspiration?

If you are thinking of a glass staircase for your home or business, the unique glass staircase in Apple’s flagship store is an amazing example of how a glass staircase can add glamour and beauty to functionality.

Like this iconic staircase, glass staircases in Dundee businesses and commercial premises can entice customers to the second and third floor. But, it can also be used to highlight some great design features that glass staircases would bring to a domestic Dundee property.

Engineering and an architectural feast – glass staircase bring a massive wow factor to any property, whether domestic or commercial. Advances in technology means that toughened glass is now extra safe with no sharp edges and also means that as a material, glass can now be used in more demanding situations.

Advances in design – no matter what design you choose for you staircase, whether straight or spiral it has an instant visual appeal. However, just like engineering, there have been significant advances in design with glass staircases now being freestanding, angled turns and the most recent innovation of a three-storey version.

Irresistible – glass staircases in Dundee properties, both commercial and residential invite people to use them. People are inspired by them and want to know what it is like to walk on glass. The openness and transparency of the treads, even with opaque or clouded glass, makes people feel like they are levitating. Most people instantly grab the handrail!

Provide an experience – glass staircases provide Dundee property with a functional, essential component that entertains people. Walking down glass stairs is also an experience, which is one reason why glass staircases are increasing in popularity. They turn the mundane into something dramatic!

Functional – clearly, if you have more than one floor in your home or office, then you need to make arrangements to pass easily between each floor that is both safe and functional. Glass staircases provide these two things and a third benefit too. Glass lets the light in your home or building be bounced around, reflecting in small spaces and lighting the space in a way that not light bulb could ever do.

Simplicity – glass staircases need not to be fussy. They have an incredible wow factor even if you are simply replacing a straightforward staircase with another straightforward staircase, except the replacement is made from glass with complementing handrails, made from either wood or metal. Glass works well with many materials.

Budget-busting? – not necessarily. Continental Stairs offer glass staircases to Dundee customers with a range of affordable and competitive prices. You’ll be surprised at the luxury and opulence you get with a glass staircase, at affordable prices.

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