Glass Staircases Coatbridge

Did you know...?

Despite being one of the busiest ‘thoroughfares’ in your Coatbridge home, when it comes to design and decoration, staircases are the most overlooked area?

Whilst this fact can be enough food for thought, add to it the additional fact that quite often the position of the staircase in your Coatbridge home is the first thing that you – and your visitors – see when they enter your home and you can now see why so many Coatbridge property owners are now looking beyond the norm, opting for the amazing appeal of glass staircases.

Are you looking to replace you staircase or even build from new?

Quite often, people do not realise the scope open to them when it comes to replacing or building new staircases for their property; the key to getting the right glass staircase, for example, is down to 2 key factors – the options open to you and the impact of building regulations.

Replacing staircases

But, before you do anything, make sure if you are replacing your staircase you do this properly – right from the start.

In other words, if you opting to replace your existing stairs with glass staircases, no matter what design, you need to ensure that you exercise just as much care removing your ‘old’ stairs as you do inserting the new ones.

This is because removing a staircase is akin to taking down a structural wall and not a role to be taken on as an amateur project. However, if you are replacing your current stairs with glass staircases to improve lighting and flow within your Coatbridge property, then it is worth the hassle and the effort! The final effect will be beyond stunning...

Isn’t it too much hassle, replacing staircases?

As has already been hinted, the final appearance of glass staircases is beyond the wildest dreams of many Coatbridge property owners and we think this wow factor is enough persuasion to put up with the inconvenience!

However, to make sure your decision is the right one, you need to be aware of the following:

  • Prepare for dust and disruption of you are replacing your current stairs with glass staircases; this will not last too long however but you will need to consider how you are going to access the different floor levels if you are remaining in the property while the work is done
  • Keep an eye on the budget and make sure that you get everything you want, within a price you can afford; adding glass staircases to the 10th floor you may find is more expensive than from ground level
  • Consult a design specialist and make sure the measurements are right; you will need this to meet the various building regulations as well as ensuring you have glass staircases at your Coatbridge property that fits within its dimensions

Glass staircases add an amazing wow factor to any Coatbridge property and, as it is a material being used more and more within building, you may be surprised at the competitive price of your dream staircase...