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What could glass staircases in Bristol properties have in common with a New York store?

Design, functionality and irresistibility – three things glass can bring to your home. No one can deny how fabulous glass is as a material, but when it comes to glass staircases, it is in a league all of its own.

But there is one glass staircase example that looks and feels fabulous, and the design brief used to create it could be the blueprint that could be used when designing glass staircases for Bristol properties.

And the staircase in question is the example to be found in Apple’s store in New York. Pushing the envelope of design some several years ago when the idea was conceived and created, it is no ordinary example of how glass can be used in a staircase design.

Not just one flight, but two and with glass walkways or bridges connecting various sections, it is no surprise that engineers and interior designers marvel at this use of glass on an industrial scale. But, you too, in your question to understand the appeal and how glass staircases could work in Bristol homes and businesses, could take the lessons from this fabulous set of stairs and apply them to your own home or business…

  • Shape – glass staircases do not have to be straight, traditional, ‘run up and down’ in their shape. Even though the staircases in Apple’s flagship store follows these lines, what it does do, however, is show that glass can be the perfect material for any shape or design of staircase. Advances in technology and our understanding as to how glass works under stresses and pressures, has meant it is now used in increasingly demanding situations.
  • Experience – however, you can download the PDF file of the technicalities and the underlying design and engineering complexities behind the glass staircase at Apple BUT, the over-riding design aim is experience. And you can get this with glass staircases for Bristol properties…

Apple say that, if you watch customers, as well as being attracted to their products it is the glass staircase that also bring people in to the store. They walk to it, they touch and they walk up the stairs and then they turn, to admire where they have come from and the journey they have taken.

Maybe it is the bouncing of the light off the translucent material or the fact that they may not have trusted in the strength of this material, which in other applications and uses is so fragile!

Glass staircases need not be complex or overly complicated; they can be cantilevered or follow the lines of a traditional staircase… the choice is your bus glass staircases in Bristol homes and business really will bring more than a touch of opulence and luxury.

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