Glass Staircases Ayr

Glass vs. All other staircase materials

With the encouragement and popularity of home renovation programmes on TV and other media, many people looking to build their own home or renovate a property, have realised the versatility and flexibility when it comes to the materials and technology on offer.

This is no different when it comes to staircases; Ayr homeowners are no longer settling for wooden staircases as their only options. They are looking at other materials, including glass.


Glass is a remarkable material; tough yet cast a gentle glow in a room. It is strong and durable, without being harsh on the eye. In fact, glass is quite the opposite. Glass staircases in Ayr properties can open up the space, bounding both natural and electric light around the space.

The treatments used in preparing glass treads means they are safe, non-slip and incredibly tough. They can take all sorts of punishment from all family members and their etched surface means that the foot can find purchase on the treads.

But surely the greatest selling point of glass staircases, if they needed any is the WOW factor they add to any Ayr property, whether home or business.

Just take a look at the two tier glass staircase in the Apple Store, New York...


Wood is the traditional material for staircases and one which has stood the test of time in many homes and businesses across Ayr. Strong, versatile and easy to work with, wood has one distinct advantage over glass – cost. As a material, wood if cheaper than glass as there is far less preparation involved with wood. There are very few, if any disadvantage of using this material therefore it is still a popular material.


Metal is a brilliant material to use in the construction of staircases as it can give the desired look and finish that some Ayr property owners want and need for their interior. In fact metal is often teamed with glass when it comes to creating bespoke glass staircases, as it gives the minimalist look that so many people crave. However, you will need to make sure the design of your staircase has the right mix of glass and metal, as some people believe too much metal will make the overall effect look too contrived or industrial.


Once the domain of the exterior staircase found in gardens, concrete is making its way into the interior of our homes too. This versatile material can create an amazing overall effect for an interior, from a modern look to a traditional interior. However, concrete stairs can be expensive and unless the design is worked well into the overall interior, it can look too industrial and out-of-place.

If nothing else, hopefully you will see that glass is a material that can be used in your Ayr property and that it is not an unreachable goal when it comes to creating the wow factor!