Glass Staircases Aberdeen

Why a glass staircase?

Spring is a great time to re-decorate and renovate. Dust off those paint brushes, wipe down the pasting table and get updating.

BUT sometimes, even when we’ve re-papered the stairs and buffed the gloss on the skirting boards we look our homes and think it is maybe time for a more far-reaching solutions.

Renovation and re-modelling might be the way forward, depending on finances and one area that is often under-looked (and under-valued in our opinion) is the staircase.

Let’s take a moment to think about a staircase in a domestic property – where is it?

In most cases, it is right by the front door and the first thing we see as we open the front door. Usually, in most Aberdeen properties as in many others across the UK, staircases are made from wood, with a variety of design in terms balustrades and rails.

Not many people think of replacing their stairs in any renovation project, thinking it is too fiddly a process and too expensive. Previously, replacing your stairs meant replacing like with like – in other words, staircases made from wood.

If you think this is the case, then think again.

Easily replaceable

Continental Stairs is a specialist company offering the opportunity to replace your staircase with an amazing, bespoke glass staircase in and around Aberdeen. They do the designing of the new glass staircase; glass staircases can accommodate twists and turns, moulded to a variety of shapes and angles.

Imagine replacing your wooden staircase with a bespoke, fitted glass staircase!

Easier than you think

Removing and replacing your old staircase will not take as long as you think either. Continental Stairs will not start removing your old staircase until the components of all your new glass staircase as in place, ready to be assembled.

Just glass?

Not necessarily. You can have glass stair treads which allow light to be bounced around a room or hallway but you still keep wooden handrails for example. Glass staircases Aberdeen customers have also found that metal is a great complimentary material to use with glass, contributing to the minimalist look of the staircase.

Visual appeal is, of course, the greatest draw of a glass staircase and if you are seriously looking to renovate and remodel your home, then consider glass staircases. Don’t forget, that glass staircases have applications within the commercial sector too.