Wooden Staircases Wales

An essential feature – how wooden staircases in Welsh properties can be ‘designer’

Where a property expands over more than one level, there needs to be a quick and safe way to navigate between these levels; in the majority of cases, this means the addition of stairs.

Traditionally, it has to be said that wood has been the material of choice for decades when it comes to stairs. Only in recent decades have other materials really come to the fore; glass is the latest, ultra-modern material for stairs, along with polished concrete. Mixing materials in staircase design is now not uncommon either; take the minimalist look of beech coupled with aluminium, for example, common in many modern properties.

But not of this has dented the popularity of wooden staircases for Wales' properties but do not assume that because this material is ‘traditional’ and ‘common’ that it cannot make designer, bespoke wooden staircases for all kinds of Welsh properties that are modern, shaped and beautiful.


Wood is an exceptional versatile material; it can be cut, polished, varnished, smoothed and bent in to all manner of shapes so don’t assume that the shape of wooden staircases for Welsh properties have to be the ‘traditional’ straight run up and down.

Wooden staircases can be straight, curved, spiralled or with a turn in the stair (sometimes called angle stairs or ‘dog leg’)

For example…

How about spiral wooden staircases for Welsh properties? With a strong supporting column, the stairs wind their way around this middle column. The treads can be carpeted or left bear with the remainder of the staircase looking stunning when accessorised – try adding lighting, for example!

Type of wood

Once you have made the decision about shape – a choice guided somewhat by the amount of space you have available – you can also take a look at the numerous different types of wood on offer for staircases.

You can opt for the traditional looking, heavy or deep coloured woods, such as oak (stained to perfection!), or, as many people are wont to do, opt for the lighter tones of beech or ash. Different woods have different characteristics but they all bring something different to a home.

Bespoke design

Opting for customised wooden staircases for Welsh properties is something that more and more people are realising the benefit of. Opting to replace an existing staircase is a major structural job and not something that even the most enthusiastic of DIY-ers should take on! It involves major work as well as calculating the right sizes so that building regulations are met; that said, with a professional firm, it can take only a few days to complete installation.

Of all the designs, which one is right for your home?