Wooden Staircases Scotland

Don’t overlook your staircase!

Many of us set about updating, modernising or ‘doing up’ our homes; some design their dream space from scratch and watch as the walls spring forth but others of us, buy a property to renovate into our perfect home. Many other people feel that they simply need to make a few alterations to make the place perfect…

… but there is one area of the home that us often overlooked: the staircase.

Instant results

Not many of this to look at the stairs in any great detail. As long as they offer safe passage from one level to another, we think nothing more of maybe changing the carpet on the treads or painting the bannister (or stripping the paint!). In the main, wooden staircases in Scottish homes go unnoticed.

We think it is time to revolutionise the way people think about their stairs. On one hand, installing a new, custom built staircase is a major structural undertaking but, on the other, when you get in the professionals to create bespoke wooden staircases for Scottish homes, the installation can take a matter of days… but the transformation is instant.

The first thing you see

In the majority of homes, when you enter through the front door, you will find yourself in the hallway; inevitably, leading off from this hallway will be the staircase. They present an immediate impact. For some, staircases are nothing more than functional but, over time, people have begun to see the humble staircase as something more. With the addition of lighting and other accessories, wooden staircases in Scottish homes have begun to emerge as the beautiful swan, from decades as an ugly duckling.

Natural material

By why have wooden staircases begun to garner more favour in recent years? It would seem that our tastes are changing.

We are all more aware of our impact on the earth; as part of this drive to be more eco-friendly, we are increasingly driven as consumers, to invest time and money in creating our homes from natural products.

And wood is a delightful natural product. Living and breathing, it provides us with robustness and strength we need from a structural piece of furniture in the home; it breathes new life into an otherwise ‘difficult’ space.

Versatile too, wooden staircases in Scotland's homes are fast becoming the structural material of choice. Technology and manufacturing techniques means that wood can be used to create all kind of different, interesting and bespoke designs for staircases.

Have you been inspired by the many wonder bespoke, wooden staircases in Scotland? What will your staircase look like?