Steel Staircases Scotland

Continental Stairs supply and install high quality steel staircases acoss Scotland.

Create a talking point in your home or business – why metal staircases are THE perfect option for Scottish properties

We think that staircases should be a talking point; often the first thing that is seen on entering a property, the staircase should be safe and functional but, with an elegance of design that creates a wow factor.

When you have the chance to design your own staircase, taking the opportunity to create and design something different is exciting. Structurally important in some buildings, replacing a staircase is not a weekend do-it-yourself job; planning regulations need to be met and surpassed, with safety incredibly important, along with ease of use.

Stunning and elegant, metal staircases in Scottish properties are the perfect solution for both outside and inside the home or business.


You don’t have to stick to the tried and tested ‘straight staircase’, although this can look superb made from metal but, you can opt for all kinds of shapes. The ultimate shape for any staircase made from any material, but certainly a firm favourite constructed from metal, is the spiral staircase.  

Not only are spiral stairs great space-savers, but they are also perfect for creating an added point of interest in a room; the visual appeal of a spiral staircase is unlike any other shape!

Inside and out!

There are occasions when metal staircases at Scottish properties are added to the outside and this is a common application we are all familiar with. Fire exit stairs on the exterior of a property can be required by planning permissions and fire regulations; the sturdiness of metal, and its undisputed strength fit the bill perfectly but, not all metal staircase at Scottish homes and business need to be the same…

…for not all exterior stairs are for safety or building regulation reasons. In many cases,  customers add stairs to the outside of a property for other reasons – if you have a property that does not back on to level ground, adding a balcony makes far more effective use of the space but, to gain access to and from the garden, a staircases makes obvious sense.

The obvious choice?

Metal staircases are an obvious choice, offering both versatility and other major benefits, including coolness and an indescribable wow factor! Many people enjoy the clean, minimalist appeal of metal and yet this versatility means that metal staircases at Scottish properties can function as both as building or fire safety necessity, or as a bespoke piece of interior décor design.

Have you considered the benefits metal staircases can offer your Scottish home or business?

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