Steel Staircases Northern Ireland

Properties of metal – and how staircases are the perfect application for this material!

We use and see metal everywhere is daily life and, in several different formats – from the hard steel of frames in buildings to the malleable tinfoil we use in cooking. This material comes in many different formats and, when combined with other metals and materials, the composition can change dramatically, along with the final ‘look’ of the object.


And, it is this versatility that makes metal such a popular material for a variety of applications, including interior design of architectural and structural importance, such as interior metal staircases and Northern Irish properties.

Metal staircases are commonly associated with external applications; fire exit staircases are usually made from metal but, with refinement and design, metal staircases are perfect within the home too.

The qualities of metal

Metal staircases in Northern Irish properties can offer many benefits but, with what are the qualities of metal that make it a perfect material for the home?

  • Strength – there is no doubting the strength of metal in comparison with other non-metal materials. Wood is commonly used in stairs but, despite its strength, is not as strong as some metal alloys. Metal staircases in Northern Irish homes and business are perfect for those seeking strength within a structure.
  • Malleable and ductile – versatility of metal is already known; ductility means being able to stretch the material under tensile pressure in order to create wire, a common sight in many metal staircases. Likewise, with the application of heat, metal can be worked and moulded into different shapes. Metal staircases in Northern Irishproperties can be delightfully minimalist in design, or as ornate as you desire
  • Sonorous – giving out sound, especially a deep ringing tone is not something many people will often think of as a quality of metal but, for many people, the addition of sound within a room is welcome. It can add to the ambience of a space.
  • Shines – in some cases, such as aluminium, the metal can be polished to a high shine, something many customers of metal staircases in Northern Ireland look for but, it is a material that can also be ‘brushed’ to create a duller, less high polished sheen, more suited when the metal staircase will be used often… after all, finger marks on highly polished hand rails can be annoying..
  • Combines with other materials – if the thought of a staircase made solely from metal is not what you want, how about combining it with wood or glass? Creating an amazing architectural masterpiece, many customers have created bespoke metal staircase for their Northern Irish properties that combine elegance and functionality.

Have you considered metal staircases for your Northern Irish property?