Staircase Company Perth

Why finding the right staircase company in Perth is so very important…

The staircase is an underrated feature of a property. In many homes and buildings, the stairs are rarely replaced or modernised. They are such an integral feature, offering important strength and structure in many cases too, that ripping out a staircase, to replace with a new one is not a two minute job – and neither should it be attempted by an amateur!

A staircase company, local to your Perth renovation project can be more than helpful in creating the staircase of your dreams…

PLAN it!

We all know that stairs help the user to ascend and descend safely between different levels; this can be one or two steps up into a property to a full flight of 14 steps between the ground and first floors of a property.

Clearly, the main aim of any new or replacement sets of stairs is to continue with this safe mode of travel but, there may be other considerations you want to bear in mind…

  • Stuck for space?

Many hallways in traditional properties are not huge in size; with new build project, a staircase company local to Perth can help in designing stairs that are no situated in the immediate entrance hallway. In fact, many new builds try and stay away from the tradition of the stairs being the first thing you see by the front door.

But, stairs are a big structure and can take up a lot of floor space and thus, over the decades, many different designs and shapes of stairs have been created. For example, if you are really short on space have you considered circular or spiral stairs? As a reputable staircase company close to your Perth home will tell you, they take up far less floor space, without compromising on style or size.

  • Stuck for light?

Light is something we all welcome in to our homes but, there are times when this can be an issue. Dark spaces and corners can remain, regardless of what we do, from painting them light, bright colours to hanging mirrors around the space.

There are hints and tricks that stairs can do to help out with this shortage of light; choosing the right design, perhaps created for you specifically by a local to Perth staircase company could be the answer?

  • Stuck for imagination or vision?

Even though your stairs are functional, who said they have to be bland or boring?

A highly reputable staircase company, convenient to your Perth project can help with creating bespoke set of stairs that are full of style, and are amazingly functional.