Staircase Company Paisley

The staircase – why not design your own with the help of a staircase company, local to Paisley?

Stairs are an integral part of any home that has more than one level. But, what tends to happen, especially in properties that are older in age and style, the stairs tend to be functional, yet slightly boring. Bland and straight in shape, they are not the stylish design that many homeowners hope for.

But, there is a solution - and that is to harness the design power of a leading staircase company, close to your Paisley property that can create exactly what you are looking for…

The wow factor. In many properties, the first thing that people see as they walk in to the home, is the staircase. Leading away from the front door, it tends to be painted or varnished; it can be carpeted to and other than that, there is very little more to say about the stairs.

But, what about creating an interior piece of architectural delight? Wouldn’t it be great to walk in to your home and see before you not the ‘same old staircase’ but a wow factor of a staircase?

How to achieve this wow factor…

There are three factors that help in creating this wow factor; combining these three factors will see many a guest cast an appreciative glance in the directions of your stairs, an item that will be far from boring;

Shape – at one time, the default shape would be straight. In homes that could not accommodate this easily, they would have ‘dog leg’ staircases, in which there would be a turn in the stair. This stopped the elevation or pitch of the staircase being too steep.

But, times have changed. Spiral or curved staircases are a great way of adding wow factor! Even though they are becoming more common place, there is still something delightful about coming across an unexpected spiral staircase design in a home.

Material – add to the shape of a staircase, the material you use can also be another way of creating a fabulous wow factor. The use of wood is traditional in many staircase design but, there are so many more options, along with possible combinations in the modern day that can be almost impossible to choose.

Why not combine the clean sleek lines of aluminium with beech wood? Or, as a highly reputable staircase company local to your Paisley project will be able to provide, glass is THE new material for modern staircase.

Accessorise – and finally, don’t forget to dress up your stairs! Too often, they are left to provide a functional and safe route from one level to another but why be boring? Add lighting, colours and other accessorise to rally jazz up the staircase, and make it look simply stunning.

A professional staircase company, convenient to your Paisley project can create the most amazing bespoke stairs for your home or business, from the elegantly simple to the simply stunning.