Staircase Company Cumbernauld

Continental Stairs is a Scottish staircase company serving the Cumbernauld area.

Why is finding the right staircase company in Cumbernauld important?

The home in which you live, will be the place where you feel safe and sheltered from harm. It is also a place that you will make your own, creating features and making additions that tell your story.

In the main, every room is functional and there are other ‘accessories’ that are needed too and one such accessory is the staircase. However, the staircase, despite it being an essential feature in many homes where there is more than one level, has been at the far end of beautiful…

Just because something is functional, does not mean it has to be plain or ‘acceptable’

Where possible, staircases in most homes are straight in shape; they are uncomplicated and easy to build. But there is a staircase company that can install amazing shaped stairs in to your Cumbernauld home or business premises…

Choose your shape

Straight cases are the ‘norm’ in so many ways. Functional and practical, they offer an easy avenue between one level and the next. They can be fitted in most homes providing that the gradient is not too steep.

*Planning permissions and regulations stipulate the correct maximum gradient that can be applied to stairs, along with guidance on tread depth, height clearance etc. Engaging a local to Cumbernauld staircase company to create you stairs, from design to installation, ensures that all these planning regulations and safety features are met*

Spiral staircases are the shape that is the height of decadence! Many people, however still associate spiral stairs with the poky, rickety cast iron kits that could be bought to provide entrance to a loft conversion etc. However, bespoke designed spiral staircases are simply delicious!

Far bigger and an important structural architectural piece within a home, spiral staircases are increasing in popularity. Their footprint is also smaller than other shapes of stairs and so, if you do have an issue with lack of space, then a spiral staircase could be the way forward.

Floating staircases are also popular, possibly increased by the makeover shows now common to virtually every channel on TV! This is when treads of the staircase are cantilevered from a wall, and have the appearance of ‘floating’, with no obvious means of support. They look fabulous and are best designed by a staircase company local to your Cumbernauld project, simply because there is major structural work involved in ensuring they are safe and sturdy.

Staircases need not be boring, but to get the exact fit for your property there is nothing better that engaging a staircase company, for bespoke design, that is convenient to your Cumbernauld property.