Staircase Company Aberdeen

The materials for staircases – the tried and tested…

In the main, when customers first thing of potential materials for their new, bespoke staircase at their Aberdeen property, they may not always consider the huge number of possibilities…


Wood is a traditional material for the construction of staircases with the best quality timber being top of the list of many a staircase company in Aberdeen. And it is no surprise that this material is top of the popularity list.

Strong, durable and natural, wood is welcomed by many people in to their Aberdeen homes. Many a reputable staircase company local to Aberdeen will also enjoy working with, installing and constructing wooden staircases for customers.

The material is easy to handle, many people are adept at dealing with this material and it can be shaped into all kinds of different curves and angles.

In short, it is a delightful material whether left in its natural state, or painted or varnished to add colour and decoration.


And there is another material that is traditional, having served people well for years and years as their choice of staircase material – metal.

Incredibly malleable, metal can be twisted and contorted to make all kinds of shapes which is why metal staircases are some of the most detailed and ornate you will find. Metal staircases are not just for the exterior of properties either, sitting forlorn and unused until a safety exercise required people to exit a building, quickly and safely.

Metal is a generic terms for all kinds of different metals and alloys; from aluminium to steel, to the magnificence of iron, metal staircases last the test of time, as well as fulfilling all the design qualities you want and need from your stairs.


And then there is the ‘new kid on the block’. Many a staircase company local to Aberdeen will highlight their magnificence of glass as a material that is modern, elegant and sassy perfect for stairs.

Toughened and treated, glass makes perfect treads; only needing a quick wipe clean, they say sparkling and perfect for years to come.

But, people have concerns:

  • Price – all glass bespoke staircases for Aberdeen properties can be expensive but, there is always compromise; why not opt for certain components of your staircase to be made from glass? This modern material combines with metal and/or wood… what is there not to love.
  • Safety – glass is notorious for being slippery and shattering, into thousands of tiny, sharp fragments BUT, modern technology can toughen it, and if something heavy is dropped on the glass tread, it chips rather than shatters, without compromising the strength of the tread.

A staircase company local to your Aberdeen home can help you realise your vision of a beautiful bespoke staircase…